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Communications Management


  • Coverage of all university activities through the audio and visual media (Radio - TV - Press - News Agencies).
  • Issuing a monthly periodical bulletin distributed inside and outside the university via the internet.
  • Issuing the e-University News Newspaper in cooperation with the Department of Digital Content, Department of Technology and University Network
  • Issue a bi-monthly page in the daily Al-Rai Al-Yawm.
  • Organizing radio and television programs and press conferences with the employees of the university from its director, assistants, professors and deans according to field and subject matter.
  • The Director of the Department of Media and Relations shall preside over all media committees for conferences organized by the University.
  • Participate in the organization of symposia and seminars organized by the different faculties and departments of the university.
  • The Director of the Department of Media and Relations is a member of all the university councils and a number of its committees (the council of professors, the council of deans, the committee of professors affairs, the university radio committee, the scientific conferences committees organized by the college of graduate studies and scientific research).
  • The Department of Public Information and Public Relations represents the link between the University and other universities and some ministries and institutions related to the University.
  • The Director of the Media Department shall be the official spokesperson of the University for all media.
  • The Department of Media organizes and arranges press and media meetings for university staff on various subjects in which the University contributes ...
  • Preparation of publications and publications of the university in cooperation with the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs and the University Press.
  • Participate in the preparation of official statements issued by the University administration.
  • Oversee all photocopying and documentation works requested by external bodies within the university.
  • Preparing and updating the documentaries periodically on the university and comprehension of all developments.
  • Holding a complete documentary file about the university and its faculties and administrative units as well as its multi-scientific, cultural or social activities, as well as activities of a political nature, which contribute to the university faculties, institutes and research centers in national issues (political science, peace research institute, African and Asian - Institute of Professor Abdullah Al-Tayeb - Forum of dialogue and policy and others ...
  • The Director of the Department of Public Information and Public Relations is the media advisor to the Rector of the University and all the other institutions of the University in terms of media work and journalist ...

Department of Public relations

Works by both
1. Mr. Osman Babeker.
2. Bakri Ismail.
3. Emad El-Din Mohamed El-Toum
4. Tayeb Mohammed Rabah (Medical Complex).
5. Najah Ibrahim (Education Complex).